1st      The name of this association shall be the “Fluvanna Free Library”.

2nd     It shall  be located at Fluvanna, Chautauqua County, New York.

3rd     Its object shall be to maintain a circulation library and reading room
free for public use to the inhabitants of Fluvanna and vicinity.

4th     Members:   Any person over 16 years of age may become a member
by signing the constitution.

5th     Meetings:    The annual meeting shall be held the first Monday of each
January unless it falls on a holiday at which time it would be held the
following  Monday.

6th     Trustees:    There shall be at least seven but no more than eleven Board of Trustee positions. A quorum shall be fifty percent of the assigned board positions.

Within 10 days after each annual election the trustees shall elect from their own  number, to hold office for one year, a president, vice-president, treasure and secretary of the association, who shall also be officers of the board  of trustees. Any vacancy occurring during the term of a trustee shall be filled till the next annual meeting by vote of the remaining trustees. At the annual meeting vacancies shall be filled by vote of the trustees.

7th    Powers and duties of officers:    The trustees shall have the general management of the library its property. They shall provide ways and means for its maintenance and endowment, suitable rooms, furniture, books and serials for its equipment, and make rules for its convenient and free use by the public.

They shall provide employees.

They shall make by-laws, appoint needed committees and have such other powers and duties as are prescribed for trustees of public libraries by ‘state Law” and shall report annually to the association. The secretary shall keep a record of all library meetings and of all official action of the trustees.

The treasure shall receive, hold and pay out the funds of the library under the direction of the trustees and shall furnish such bonds as they require.

The librarian shall have charge of the library and its operation under direction of the trustees.