BOOK REVIEW By Anne French

The Title:  “When I Found You”

Author:  Catherine Ryan Hyde

About:  Starts out with an older gentleman and how unhappy he is with his life.  He goes hunting with his dog and finds a baby in the woods.  No one seems to know who the parents are and where he came from.  The gentleman decides he will raise the baby.  He of course is very disappointed when a grandmother is found and she will raise him.  Every birthday and Christmas he sends a gift to him.  Never sees him or hears anything until the boy is in his teens and the grandmother can no longer deal with him. The rest of the book takes twists and turns. Is very enjoyable to read.

Liked best:  I like the way Catherine Ryan Hyde writes, there is always something you don’t expect to happen.

Likes Least:  Nothing

Recommend?  I highly recommend this book and any of her books.  Hope you find them as enjoyable as I do.

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