Fluvanna Free Library

The Fluvanna Girls Club was organized under the direction of Mrs. Bertha Phillips, on February 3, 1912. The club grew and flourished. In September 1914 at the suggestion of Mrs. Phillips, who was leaving to make her home in the West, a meeting was called for the purpose of forming a Library Association. At this meeting 20 men and women signified their interest by agreeing to become members of the association. September 23, 1914 a meeting was held at the home of G. E. Bentley. Five trustees were elected with officers as follows: Mrs Hetty Sherwin, President; Edwin Sample, Vice President; Mary Cam, Secretary; F. B. Strunk, treasure; Jay Chapin, trustee; The first money contributed towards the Library was made by the Fluvanna Girls Club in the amount of $30.00 for a book fund and $17.00 for supplies. With the donation and the membership fees of the twenty associate members $45.00 was set aside for new books. The account was duplicated by the State as is customary for free libraries. The first books consisted of 58 adults and 33 juvenile.

The library was first located in a cloak room on the top floor of the old Fluvanna School. As the school grew the library was forced to move to the basement. School growth continued and the library was forced to vacate completely. Rommie Lambs allowed the Library to move into their barn. Library service was to continue, however, on a limited basis. On November 28, 1916, the Library was registered as the Fluvanna Free Library by a vote of the Board of Regents at Albany.

In 1917 the Library had the opportunity to buy the property on the corner of the Elmhurst Road and Old Route 17 using monies raised through bazaars, bake sales, plays and etc. This lot was later sold and the money received from the sale, along with a donation given by Mr. Connie Scholfield, was used to build the current library. The initial work began in 1953.

Anna Sondell was able to get the land where the current library is built donated. In 1970 an additional room was added on to the back of the building.

The first year, Miss Anna Sondell volunteered her services as the librarian. For the next 76 years Anna remained in charge. Andrea Sondell joined Anna and took charge in 1990 when Anna could no longer manage the library. Together the sisters were instrumental to the success of the Fluvanna Free Library.